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Anonymous asked:

Where can i find more of your work? i am a huge fan and i relate so well to your work.

Thank you firstly for reading my material. It all stems from a natural and real place. 

when you say work you probably mean poetry and my notes but i sing and with that a story is still told. 

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if you like you may add me on facebook and go ahead and scroll to my note section.

Keep it Zazzo ok. 

Within you , within me

One day I was sitting in a coffee shop checking my mail and doing some work with deadlines approaching very fast. The was no outlet to charge my laptop and as a result of that, it died.

I thought if I used my iPhone i could just transfer the information at a later stage but that died as well.
I often sit in this shop but only for the free wi fi most of the time.

I took out my notepad and began to write this note because i am young and we as young people are so consumed with technology that we tend to forget the simplicity of life.

I really began to take in my surroundings and was pleased with the amazing weather , the beautiful people and the beauty of nature.

Within you, within me.

Note number one

Of a hopeful many more to come:

I want you to close your eyes to see,

The striking images that we fail to see,

Within you ,

Within me.                                                                           

To see that I am not blinded by these four walls of my world.

Circular movement beyond what meets the eye,

I linger deep within myself.

Searching for the gateway back to my heart.

To live and love life.

The “I use to”

As it seems that I” use to” so many things.

That is lost but needs finding,

That is blind but yearns to see,

To hear the sweetest sounds of amazing grace,

Just the melody.

I am yet to perfect the writing of letter,

Along with being forced to not faint with this darkness.



Or a beat of LG.

Completely left alone

With what I thought,

A salvaged mind of flesh,

I think I might possess,

Now being put to test.

With no good internet connection to chrome,

Or my blackberry phone.



Yes! Apply this to you too.

My Brother,

My Sister.

Our ancestry.

Do we really know?

No Wikipedia!

No usage of background media!

Or is it just mystery?

Generations before are gold mines.

Whom leave golden footprints.

Ask for wisdom,

Ask the elderly how they feel about our state of currency.

We may plant a seed

With no guarantee

Of what it will be.

Sow faith like a mustard seed

For you to reap good fruit.

Water for nourishment

And feed it ,to strengthen it.

So that it may stem from its adversities of today,

Blossom to be its great fortunes of tomorrow.

Its hardships will never be against its journey.

Instead decorate it with timeless pieces of experience,

For the very long road ahead.

Inspired to Inspire

The Limit Inside
Fails to feel what so rightfully could be mine

Consider yourself blessed
To go through all these tests
For they are only given to the most highly favoured

Who will see growth from their lessons learnt
Who will see their strength even in their darkest hour
All forces who raise against them shall forfeit all power

They refuse to fall
Instead choose to stand tall
So now emotions is felt on a varied scale
Now because we accept sorrow we can rejoice with Joy
And because we suffer a loss we know of victirious wins
And inturn immense amount of pain , a composed calm on the flipside, we gain

For it there was no darkness
There would be no light
There would be no appreciation of life
no where near in sight

Mommas Way

Momma walks through the front door

Sees the heap of of dirt piled on the floor

overlooking all the other OTHER efforts

Takes the belt of her waist

so i cover my face

been throught this 20 times 12 times infinite times before

skeem im ready

i been through this before

i can posibly takes some more

Her heart filled with endless love

surpasses the bad and unbearable

beyond and above

caresses like no living other can

manicured nails and a style like no other MANNNNNN!!

Raised me for 20 and she done a darn good job

taught me to respect , to honor and treasure

me how to clean and to mob

see momma wasnt always appreciated

she was seen as a fun spoiler

and just because she is relentless

she as hell dont mean shes careless

see when things got rocky

when it shook out of control

Mommas mouth was on a roll

Yet there was no other way but Mommas Way

Morning Poetry

Weary eyes
Sleepy soul
Time to wake up
So I’m told

Dawn has broken
As light shines through
Yesterday has past away
Right now
is a brand new day

What lies ahead no one may know
Keep moving forward
With faith holding your hand
It may be a friend
It may be a foe
Just know you are never alone

To live life full heartedly
is to learn to forgive
Whatever it may be
Remember to say
” I am
who I am for no one other than me ”

Written by Mariloe

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